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How'd We Do That: 98,000 Pounds to Norfolk, VA [VIDEO]

Superloads come with a super specialized shipping plan. See in this video how we managed to move an oversized load on time.

Amidst the uncertainty of how the COVID-19 virus will impact not only our personal lives, but our business, Ascent Specialized is still business as usual and ready to take on your shipping needs.

Logistics might be an industry based on transportation, but it's clear to those of us in the very heart of it that logistics really is about relationships. The relationships with our customers as well as our teammates working beside us.

In this video, we'll explore the next feature in our "How'd We Do That?" series by showcasing how much teamwork and relationship building goes into a single load. Watch as Andrew Demuth, Account Manager, and Travis Lewellyn, Heavy Haul Manager, take us through the experience. 



Cross-Country & Oversized

You clearly saw the dynamic between Andrew and Travis, and that's how each unique load is approached at our company. We rely on the expertise and experience of different employees best suited to weigh in (no pun intended) on the load in question. That process ensures every single consideration is given to the customer, the freight, and the journey itself. 

As Andrew alluded to, most people would assume the hardest part of a load would be getting it from Point A to Point B, specifically in this story from Maryland Heights, MO to the port in Norfolk, VA (NIT). But that's not necessarily the case. For this load, the biggest obstacle was the permits. 

The Details

  • Via I-64, the trip is roughly 930 miles
  • The load dimensions tipped the scales at 13 feet tall and 98,000 pounds.
  • Considered a superload, the load requires 10 days notice in order to properly research, plan, and coordinate with the customer, carrier, and port authorities on scheduling, including:
    • Dimensions
    • Coverage and carrier details
    • Riggers, surveyors & escorts
    • Permits
    • On time delivery

Each step of the way, our team at Ascent Specialized was rooted in the relationship aspect covering all communication bases to ensure a safe, on time, and as quoted superload delivery. 

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