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How’d We Do That: Shipping a Super Load [VIDEO]

Shipping a super load can take a fair bit of, well, logistics. Watch this video to find out how we helped one client get from Point A to Point Z.

Getting a super load from Point A to Point Z can take a fair bit of, well, logistics. Beyond knowing a carrier with the skills, equipment, and availability to take it on, there’s the permits. Point blank, securing super load permits tends to take longer. 

First, you have a more intensive review process. Plus, when you’re dealing with extreme sizes and weights, there’s also a need for additional documentation. So even if everything lines up perfectly and goes according to plan, you’re looking at a longer process. 

But really, how often does everything go according to plan in specialty transportation?

Shipping a super load

Securing Super Load Permits

Pretty recently, I was working with a super load that didn’t go exactly to plan. The load was over 17 feet wide, 15 feet tall, and about 60,000 pounds, and it was coming over on a ship. I had started the permit process and had things lined up where the approval timeline was more-or-less lined up with when the shipment was set to arrive.

But then something changed. 

Watch this video to hear the whole story.

The Ship Wasn’t Fast Enough

When they decided to bring the shipment over on an airplane, the shipment got to the shore a lot faster. But it didn’t do anything to speed up the permit process. 

All said, when the super load landed, its shipping permit was still about five days out. 

My new challenge was to try and secure these permits as quickly as possible. In a situation like this, there’s only so much I can do. But whatever I could do, I did. 

  • Calling the state every day to see where we were at in the process
  • Finding out how long it’ll be until our permits are going to get addressed
  • Keeping my customer up-to-date on how the permits are going

I had everything coordinated behind the scenes, so the moment those permits came through, we were rolling. 

No doubt, this load was a challenge, but with our commitment to over communication, everything kept moving. The customer always knew exactly where things were at and how things were moving. It gave them the ability to keep timelines in order on their end as well. By over communicating, everybody was able to stay focused and on track. And that load delivered as soon as possible within the line of the law. 

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