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Meet Our Logistics Team: The Specialists Behind Specialized

At Ascent Specialized, our logistics team is full of talented, passionate people who thrive on the challenges presented by the specialized logistics.

Specialized transportation logistics is unique. In a lot of ways, it defies automation. Around here, most of the number crunching, data pulling, and problem solving is still figured out on a case-by-case basis. And the individuals who make it happen? They're unique too.

At Ascent Specialized, our logistics team is full of talented, passionate people who thrive on the challenges presented by specialized logistics. It’s through our dedication — and our commitment to our clients and each other — that we're able to deliver remarkable results.

Meet a few of the members of Ascent Specialized below. 

Meet the Ascent Logistics Team

Travis Lewellyn, Heavy Haul Manager

Travis LewellynAs our Heavy Haul Manager, Travis Lewellyn, is known for his ability to rise to the challenge day in and day out. With a Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University in Business, Management, and Marketing, Travis possesses a wide range of skills that support his work in the logistics business. 

With over eight years of industry experience, we have a feeling Travis is just getting started. After all, anyone who can find the fun in the everyday challenges of this industry has a bright future ahead of them. 

Luke Sweeter, Operations Manager

Luke SweeterLuke Sweeter, Operations Manager at Ascent Specialized, has nearly a decade of experience managing operations within the transportation/logistics industry. During this time, Luke has developed a key understanding of what it takes to keep a business moving without compromising safety, efficiency or compliance. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University in Business Administration and Management, Luke finds plenty of opportunities to apply his education to his career. 

Dan Schefers, General Manager

Dan SchefersDan Schefers, General Manager at Ascent Specialized, brings over 24 years of industry experience to his day-to-day work. Over the years, Dan has taken part in nearly all aspects of specialized transportation. His industry experience, combined with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from St. Cloud State University, provides Dan a unique perspective in the logistics business. 

If you’re looking for a not-so-typical take, Dan is your guy. In his current role, Dan enjoys working with and supporting customers through whatever challenges arise.

Dave Demuth, President and Owner

Dave DemuthAscent Specialized’s President and Owner, Dave Demuth, has been working in transportation and logistics for 30 years. Originally drawn to the business because of the variety of work and the never-ending opportunities to meet people, this still rings true three decades later!

Dave has had a front-row seat to the changes and evolutions within this industry, and he shares his unique expertise for the betterment of the logistics team and our clients. You can count on Dave to show up every day and work alongside his employees and guide Ascent Specialized to greater heights.

Together, our logistics team enables us to meet and exceed client expectations, even as the industry continues to grow, change, and evolve. Once you have a taste of how thrilling it is to tackle bigger and bolder challenges, it can be hard to feel satisfied by anything else. While specialized isn’t for everybody, it is for us.

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