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What “Specialized” Means in 3PL + What We Haul

Unlike shipping general or standard cargo, specialized logistics are something entirely different.

When you think of third-party logistics providers, a few familiar names may come to mind. UPS, FedEx and LTL carriers are known for delivering small parcels and providing shipping logistics for standard packages and cargo. And beyond transportation logistics, these providers often cross over into supply chain territory, where storage and warehousing becomes part of the deal. But things are different with specialized freight. 

Specialized Third Party Logistics

Unlike shipping general or standard cargo that follows a somewhat similar formula, specialized logistics are something entirely different. 

Specialized is the biggest, broadest version of the 3PL field. Meaning, we cover just about anything in whatever way it needs to ship. Oftentimes, peak transportation requires different parties to haul. 

RGN with outriggers and combine

What We Haul

What’s different about Ascent Specialized is the type of freight we move. The majority of 3PLs are going to process and manage more generalized loads. It doesn’t take into account the amount of variables that specialized deals in. 

It’s worth noting that specialized freight is anything but standard. At Ascent Specialized, we provide logistics for just about every type of specialized freight under the sun. 

  • Crane moves
  • Construction equipment
  • Building materials
  • Industrial & manufacturing products (duct work, press machines, etc.)

What’s also different with specialized 3PL is storage. We don’t store anything. Our specialized logistics are purely about transportation, getting client cargo from Point A to Point Z. 

Hauling What Others Won’t

As a specialized logistics provider, we don’t say “no” to much of anything. We will tackle anything our clients ask of us, offering an option for any specialized cargo within our bounds. And our bounds are big.

A Specialized Logistics Example

A lot of 3PLs handle container shipments such as import/export sea shipments. But we go beyond transporting containers by providing freight management. Say some of the cargo needs to get to the delivery location faster than other cargo in the project. We are able to provide what’s called a strip and trans-load final dray, which involves removing the contents of a container or flatrack, loading the cargo on to the proper type of trailer and delivering it according to client specification. 

It’s not a territory all 3PLs will step into, but in a pinch, that kind of maneuvering can save days, even weeks off of a final delivery date. 

Have Some Specialized Freight that Needs to Move?  

Contact us today. The bigger, the badder, the uglier, the better. We take on specialized heavy haul, wide, large shipments. The thing to know about specialized is that it opens up to the entire market. We regularly work with clients requiring 13 and 19 axles to get their freight where it needs to go.  

Specialized is in a League of Its Own.   Request a Quote 

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