What We Ship

We ship what the others won’t. Whether it’s agricultural equipment, windmill components, crated machinery or some other type of specialized freight, we’ll get it from Point A to Point Z.

Flatbed Specialized

We have the capability to ship anything.

As part of our specialized capabilities, we partner with thousands of carriers who give us access to a variety of trailers and equipment. The sky's the limit!

Over-Dimensional Freight

We are problem solvers.

Because over-dimensional freight doesn’t meet the standard dimensions — and because the criteria change depending on the state or province — partnering with Ascent Specialized ensures no detail goes unnoticed.

Heavy Haul

We do what it takes.

Coordinating the logistics of moving a heavy haul load? The industry rules and regulations for standard shipments can be enough to make your head spin. Whether you’re planning an over-dimensional or super load, leave the lingo to us and we’ll plan your shipment with our combined hundreds of years of experience.

Flatbed LTL

We bring expertise to the table.

Using hotshots and shipping partial flatbeds or flatbed LTL is a great way to save some money. Should the cargo fit with this type of equipment or shipping method, you can count on us to offer you an option to save you a few bucks!

Dry Van Shipping

We do it all.

Even if it fits in a box trailer, we have the carrier partnerships to make your shipment happen. Anywhere in the country, you name it. Our years of experience mean we'll get your cargo where it needs to go on time and within budget.

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Real-world examples of Ascent Specialized solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flatbed LTL?

When a shipment does not require full use of the flatbed trailer and can be shipped with other commodities for a discounted price and expanded transit window. Contact us and we will evaluate your shipment and let you know what options are available to you.

What is considered "legal" cargo?

Generally speaking, cargo with dimensions under 53' long, 8'6” wide, and with an overall height (includes height of the trailer) of 13'6" in the eastern US and 14' high in the western US, are considered "legal" shipments.

When does a load qualify as over-dimensional?

When the dimensions and/or weight exceeds the legal limits and is "non-divisible", it is considered over-dimensional.

What does "non-divisible" mean?

The shipment must be broken down to its smallest possible size in order to ship. Rule of thumb here is that if it takes more than eight working hours to disassemble — or if disassembly will affect the integrity of the cargo — it can be shipped in its current state.

How much do permits cost?

The answer is: it varies. Each state determines the cost of permits based on mileage, weight, dimensions, route, etc. We estimate permit costs during the quoting stages, and whenever we are working on an over-dimensional load, we will keep you as informed as possible regarding the costs involved with your shipment.

How long does it take to get permits?

Typically, 1-3 days for over-dimensional loads that are not considered "super loads".

How much time do you need to plan an over-dimensional shipment?

For shipments with cargo dimensions under 12' wide or high, we like to have 1-3 business days notice prior to your desired pick up date/time. Shipments that exceed these dimensions or are overweight/over length, we might need 2-3 weeks or more. When/if you are unsure of the restrictions of your cargo, reach out to us right away so we can assess the information and give you options.

What is "Heavy Haul"?

Heavy haul is considered anything over gross weight of 80,000 lbs, including the weight of the tractor, trailer, and cargo. We also consider heavy haul to be anything over length or over 12' wide or 12' high. Typically once you reach these dimensions there are more requirements and rules, such as possible pilot cars, police escorts, etc. Another thing we take into consideration for heavy haul shipments is the experience the trucker has, not just anyone can handle shipments when they get to these sizes and larger.

What is a "Super Load"?

When the cargo exceeds the dimensions of a state's "routine" permit limits and is "non-divisible". These permits can sometimes take 3-4 weeks to obtain and may require route surveys, engineering surveys of bridges, etc. Keep in mind, a state could deem a load that is just 14' wide or 85,000 lbs to be a super load.

How do I know what kind of trailer to ask for?

Give us a call! We're happy to help you navigate through the process and will be as thorough as possible so that you understand what is happening from start to finish.

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate, reach out to us today. We pride ourselves on our communication, honesty, and transparency. We will spare no details, good, bad, or indifferent.